Let’s make it easy to find and play matches

Imagine an online assistant that knows who you play with on a regular basis and you want to get up a doubles match tomorrow.  All you have to do is request a doubles match with place and time and let the assistant reach out to your friends to get a yes/no from your pals.  If the assistant comes up short a player, it can ask you (and your pals for others to invite to the game) and will contact those players on your behalf.  What if nobody in the group knows a 4th?  Ask the assistant to find someone outside your group similarly skilled and in your area and off she goes contacting players to find your regular group a sub.  When four players are secured, everyone’s notified the match is on.

What if you know a large group of players in your area and you want to run a challenge ladder or just a weekly get together every Tuesday night?  Set up the format (casual, ladder, tournament, round-robin), invite players to play, assign facilities and available court times and let the assistant run the show!  You just show up for your matches and record the scores and the assistant tracks everything, including ladder movements, wins/losses.

What if you’re the club pro and you want to make running your next annual tournament a breeze?  You know how many courts you have and availability.  You know the tournament format and what flights you want to run.  Load up your list of club players, set up the tournament and let the assistant reach out to all your players to get them to sign up (and pay the entry fee).  Then sit back and let the computer seed players and communicate all start times and assigned courts.  Let players enter scores on their mobile phones or report at end of the match.  As soon as a match’s completed, the assistant pages the next pair to start on the vacated court.  All the while, the playing brackets are updated in real-time and available for everyone to see.

Does this excite you?  It should!  It’s high time we leveraged the computer to make it simple to meet others or play regularly with your group without an endless chain of emails or phone calls to set the matches.